Project and change management summer holiday book list by pm majik

Project and change management holiday book list 2018

As the year of 2018 moves steadily forward, it is now mid July.  This means that for many it is almost time for a well deserved summer holiday going away with family and friends.  In many cases this will involve going somewhere hot, laying on a sun lounger, relaxing and enjoying reading some books. Therefore,…

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PMO Standardistion – simple tracking template (inc free template download)

Following on the recent posts covering the topic of PMO Standardisation – a popular topic requested by many of the PM Majik community.  This post aims to provide practical ideas and a template on how to capture and identify where there are differences in the core PMO processes. This is important as before you can…

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Person building support for PMO

How to get other departments to “buy in” to your PMO

When it comes to being successful in setting up a PMO, it may come as a surprise that the challenge is not gaining the support of senior management, the real challenge is gaining the support from your peers, projects and other departments. When you think about this, it does make sense.  Usually the initial driver…

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Starting to implement PMO standards

PMO standardization – where to start!

In the last post, “Why standardization is critical for your PMO“, it covered some of the key themes why standardization will benefit and help the success of your PMO.  The question is, where do you start if your organisation has little or no standards?  Every project is doing it’s own thing! In this post I…

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benefit of PMO standardization

Why standardization is critical for your PMO

One of the benefits often used to explain the value of a PMO is standardization.  However, this is often mentioned as a single sentence or a bullet on a slide. If you were using this as one of the benefits to gain the support from senior management for setting up a PMO, what would your…

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Tools for project decision making

Tools and processes to support project decision process

In the last post, I covered the 5 reasons why you need to have a clear and transparent project decision making process.  This post will build on this by looking at what tools and processes you need to implement a robust project decision process. Identify Stakeholders In order to be able to make legitimate and…

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Making clear project decisions

5 reasons why you need to have a clear and transparent project decision process

Every project regardless of if it is big or small will require a number of decisions over the duration of the project.  Some will be very simple, low impact and can be made by team members.  Others will be complex and or have a very high impact requiring sign-off at the highest level. The outcome…

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Don't underestimate the power of fear of project change

Why the PMO and Project team must not underestimate the fear of change!

For those of us who work in the project world, it is fair to say it is because we embrace, no we love change.  Nothing gets us motivated more than the opportunity, the challenge of taking an idea and turning it into a project so as to implement something of benefit. However, it is a…

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Viewing project value

Are you a PMO or project manager that is delivering value?

I imagine that if you are involved in change in any shape and form: project / programme manager, PMO, portfolio manager, change team member, that you are very busy.  In fact you probably have too much work that there are not enough hours in the day.  Racing from meeting to meeting with never enough time…

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Change professionals returning to work

Return from holiday action plan

Happy new year! Early January is the time when many people are returning to work after an extended holiday over the festive season.  Holidays are important as they allow you to rest, spend time with family / friends and generally recharge. With your mind and body rested you are then all set for optimal performance…

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