Planning for 2018 year end!

It is unbelievable that we are almost at the end of 2018.  With the advancements in technology and a 24 / 7 culture, time feels like it is accelerating. The consequence of this is that we can fall into the trap of mistaking being busy with being effective. If you are busy, all of your…

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Project Standard Operating Procedures

The power of PMO SOPs!

Firstly please accept my apologies for the acronyms in the title. Hopefully everyone knows PMO – Project Management Office.  How about SOP? SOP stands for Standing Operating Procedures. What is a SOP? A SOP is a method of taking a complex (or simple) process and breaking it down into a step by step guide so…

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How to avoid criticism quote

How to deal with criticism as a change professional

Today I was really pleased to receive an email from somebody who recently became a MASTER level member.  It was a simple, short email that put a smile on my face. It said “Your site is great – used it to review for a contract PMO role (been on career break) and I got the…

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Person preparing for project SteerCo

More tips to help your project steering committee to go well!

In the article How to prepare for a project steering committee, I provided some simple tips to help ensure that your project SteerCo goes well.  This is a follow up to this providing some additional ideas that will help even further. The ideas are not ground breaking (like most of the techniques that assist good…

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Business man planning project SteerCo

How to prepare for a project steering committee

If you are managing a project, it is a high probability that you will have a regular project steering committee (sometimes known as SteerCo), to provide governance and direction.  It might be that your project is governed in a programme so the SteerCo will be at the programme level.  Either way, your project will (must)…

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Rule of 1 in 60

Making sure that your project is on course

Over the past couple of weeks, the focus has been on the action that can be taken to ensure that projects land well with the end users or, what to do when they do not land well (see How to prevent your project from failing to Land and Action plan when your project does not…

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Project failing to land

How to prevent your project from failing to land!

Have you ever had the situation, or perhaps seen the situation, where all the tasks in a project have been executed on time but the project has not been a success?  To be more specific, the people who should benefit from the project deliverable are not able to gain the expected benefit. This is a…

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Considerations for types of PMO

Types of PMO (Project Management Office)

The term Project Management Office (PMO), is a term often used in the change management space.  Many professionals have their own understanding of what this term means. However, just like everyone understands what is meant by the term “car”, there are many types of car.  The same applies to the term PMO, there are many…

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Revealing a project delivery

How you can avoid the risk of the “Project Big Reveal”!

In the last post, “Are you guilty of the Project Big Reveal“, I covered what was meant by the term and the potential impact to you and the project.  Understanding this is critical as the impact can be career threatening! In this post I want to cover some of the strategies for avoiding this risk.…

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Open suit case with text "the big reveal"

Are you guilty of the “Project Big Reveal”?

As you start to read this article about the “Project Big Reveal” I would imagine that you fall into one of the following categories: Yes No Have not got a clue and / or don’t care Over the early part of my career, I most certainly have been guilty of this and, I have suffered…

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