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PMO quality assurance part 1

You have invested valuable time, money and emotion into designing and constructing a PMO.  The tools and processes have been created and published to the project managers.  Sessions have been
Running a project dependency workshop

5 steps for running a dependency workshop

The last post covered 5 activities that are needed for a dependency management process.  This included the important step of validating dependencies as, without confirming between the “giver” and the
PMO Offshore model challenge

Challenges to a PMO offshore model

The last post, Benefits of an offshore PMO model, covered some of the reasons for adopting an offshore model. This post will cover the challenges. When off-shoring started to become popular in
Global PMO benefit

Benefits of an offshore PMO model

This post will cover the benefits of an offshore PMO model as it can provide many efficiencies in both time and money. Offshore PMO Benefits 1. Cost Reduction This is probably the primary
PMO Role Good Career

Is a PMO role good for your career

The reaction to someone taking a role in a PMO is very diverse.  Some embrace working in a project management office, others feel that it is a backward step, especially