Pictures of challenging change professionals

Engaging with difficult project managers

One of the hardest aspects of the role of the PMO manager is getting project and programme managers to act and respond to the requests from the PMO.  Requests for updates are issues, followed by gentle reminders, a phone call, a visit to their desk, a more direct e-mail, a more direct telephone conversation, etc.…

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PMO contact list

PMO Contact list

It is often the simple ideas that can turn out to be the most useful, specifically a PMO and / or project contact list. It is a fact that it is the people that make a project successful (or not).  While skills and ability are very important, it is probably even more critical for success…

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Project team meeting

PMO tips – Importance of meeting logistics

This may appear to be a strange topic to cover in a post.  However, if you stop to think, a meeting has usually been organised for a very good reason (if not do not hold the meeting).  It involves a number of people giving up valuable time which is a cost to an organisation.  Some…

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PMO tools – project communication

Project communication is so often overlooked as part of the project and PMO planning mobilisation process. When you stop to think, the success of a project is based on a number of people working together to deliver a common goal.  In order for them to be effective, it is critical that they communicate.  Unfortunately many…

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