Gantt chart showing project dependency

5 activities you need to manage project dependencies

In a perfect world, every project would exist a bubble where there were no constraints. All required resources (people, budget, facilities, technology, etc) would be available to suit the timelines defined by the project. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the benefit of this type of “bubble”. Therefore, the outcome of the project is…

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PMO Offshore model challenge

Challenges to a PMO offshore model

The last post, Benefits of an offshore PMO model, covered some of the reasons for adopting an offshore model. This post will cover the challenges. When off-shoring started to become popular in the late 90′s early 00′s, the main metric used by senior management was the cost per FTE (full time equivalent).  It is very difficult…

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Global PMO benefit

Benefits of an offshore PMO model

This post will cover the benefits of an offshore PMO model as it can provide many efficiencies in both time and money. Offshore PMO Benefits 1. Cost Reduction This is probably the primary driver for most organisations to offshore.  The great improvements in technology and communication now mean that it is possible for resources to…

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Thinking about PMO career path

Is a PMO role good for your career

The reaction to someone taking a role in a PMO is very diverse.  Some embrace working in a project management office, others feel that it is a backward step, especially project and programme managers.  Therefore, this post will spend time exploring the question if a PMO role is good for your career. 1. Exposure Working…

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PMO continuous improvement sign

Does your PMO practice continuous improvement?

To design and implement a PMO can be hard work.  It obviously helps if you have set one up before or have the appropriate tools and methodology.  Therefore, it is understandable that when it is up and running, the PMO manager can think their set-up work is complete.  While this may be technically true, the…

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Planning next years projext inventory

Project inventory overview (planning next years change portfolio)

In the 3rd and 4th quarters of a year, many organisations are planning and budgeting for the coming year.  This has to include any projects so that the budget can be secured.  This post will provide an overview how to construct a project inventory. An organisation will undertake a number of change projects at the…

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Project closure review

Project close review

The last 3 posts have explored the different aspects of project reviews and how they can be used to improve the delivery of change. This post will cover the dimensions of a review and the types of question to ask. Lessons Learned Template The actual lessons learned template should have a logical structure that covers…

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Conducting a project close review

Project review at close of project

The last couple of posts have been covering the topic of project reviews and how the output can help improve the outcomes of other projects across an organisation (or even later phases of the same project).  When to conduct a lessons learned review focused on the different points where you can conduct a review.  By…

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Project team deciding when to run a lessons learned review

When to conduct a project lessons learned review

The last post, Project and PMO Lessons Learned Overview, provided an overview of the project lessons learned review process.  This post and future posts will go into more detail on the different aspects of the process.  I also would like to state that I will highlight where there are differences with PMO lessons learned.  However,…

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Conducting PMO lessons learned review

Project and PMO lessons learned overview

If all goes well, a project should eventually come to an end, hopefully with a positive outcome.  However, even though all the project deliverables are complete and the product, process, platform, etc is now handed over into business as usual, there is still a very important project tasks to be completed before the project can…

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