Training project managers on how to manage resources

Training Project Managers to Manage People with Your PMO

A guide to how to train project managers so that they are equipped with the skills to manage team members.

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Launch announcement Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack

Launch: Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack

Find out more about the launch of the Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack, designed to accelerate the implementation of your PMO!

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How a PMO helps Project managers with Planning and Organisation

Planning and Organisation – How PMOs can help Project Managers

How a Project Management Office (PMO) can help develop the planning and organisations skills of project managers.

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Training project managers

Training Project Managers in Communication Using Your PMO

A guide to how a PMO can help train project managers in the important “soft skills” in respect to communication.

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Skills development project manager

7 Skills a PMO Should Help Project Managers Maintain

A guide to the 7 skills that a PMO can help a project manager to maintain and develop.

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Project manager performance

4 PMO Functions to Improve Project Manager Performance

Discover 4 ways in which a Project Management Office (PMO) can improve the performance of project managers.

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Facilitating project managers

Facilitating a Project Manager Through Your PMO

A guide to how a Project Management Office can help and facilitate a Project Manager to be effective in their role.

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PMO managing project resources

How Does a PMO Manage Project Managers?

A guide to how a Project Management Office (PMO) can effectively manage project resources, especially when using a directive PMO model.

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Compliance PMO

Compliance PMO – Will It Work for Me?

A simple overview of the Compliance Project Management Office (PMO) model and how to decide if it is right for your organisation.

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Delivery Project Management Office

Does a Delivery PMO Work for Your Business?

How to decide if a “Delivery” Project management Office (PMO) will work for your business.

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