Writing CV for a PMO role

How to Write a Great CV for a Project Management Office (PMO) Job

You need to have a great CV or Resume to give the best chance of securing your next Project Management Role (PMO). This guide will help.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Find your next Project Management Office (PMO) Job

A guide on how you can use LinkedIn to find your next Project Management Office (PMO) role.

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PMO Job Search

Where to discover PMO jobs around the world – recruitment sites you need to know about

A guide to where you can find Project Management Office job listings when exploring your next career move.

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Job roles that match PMO skills

Job roles that match PMO skills (laser focus your job search)

A guide to some of the career options for a Project Management (PMO) manager or team member.

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Investing in the missing ingedient for career development

New management and personal resources for change managers

Do you know it is possible to have many years project and change management experience but your projects still don’t go well? You can read project management books, complete training, attend seminars and still your sponsors never appear to be happy with how the project is managed. Unfortunately even being the proud owner of a…

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PMO induction meeting

PMO Induction – What to include in the pack

Following on from the post that provided and introduction to the PMO Induction process.  This post will build on this by going into more detail of what components should be included within a PMO Induction pack. PMO Induction Pack This is typically a presentation that provides all of the information that a new recruit will…

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You very own PMO career path guide

PMO Career Path: A practical guide to your options

An overview of the different PMO career paths and the simple steps to making your career action plan.

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Thinking about PMO career path

Is a PMO role good for your career

The reaction to someone taking a role in a PMO is very diverse.  Some embrace working in a project management office, others feel that it is a backward step, especially project and programme managers.  Therefore, this post will spend time exploring the question if a PMO role is good for your career. 1. Exposure Working…

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Action you can take to secure a role in a PMO

It is becoming more popular to look from a career working within project management office’s (PMO’s).  However, it can be difficult for those working outside of this vocation to secure a role.  This article aims to help by providing insights to the challenges and how they can be addressed. Typical challenges This can be a…

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