Project failing to land

How to prevent your project from failing to land!

Have you ever had the situation, or perhaps seen the situation, where all the tasks in a project have been executed on time but the project has not been a success?  To be more specific, the people who should benefit from the project deliverable are not able to gain the expected benefit. This is a…

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Revealing a project delivery

How you can avoid the risk of the “Project Big Reveal”!

In the last post, “Are you guilty of the Project Big Reveal“, I covered what was meant by the term and the potential impact to you and the project.  Understanding this is critical as the impact can be career threatening! In this post I want to cover some of the strategies for avoiding this risk.…

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Person building support for PMO

How to get other departments to “buy in” to your PMO

When it comes to being successful in setting up a PMO, it may come as a surprise that the challenge is not gaining the support of senior management, the real challenge is gaining the support from your peers, projects and other departments. When you think about this, it does make sense.  Usually the initial driver…

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