How to develop a PMO charter

Everyone involved in project management knows the importance of creating a solid project charter at the start of a project.  However, it is not so common to develop a PMO charter when setting up a central PMO. What is a PMO charter? Very simply, a PMO charter describes the background purpose, objectives, organisation and services…

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Hand writing PMO purpose

PMO purpose, vision and design principles

Unfortunately, in many cases, when a decision is made to set-up a PMO, all attention turns directly to the activities that need to be set-up with no consideration to the purpose, vision and design principles.  When you think about this it is very strange, you would not start on any activity on a project without…

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Hybrid PMO

Description of a hybrid PMO

A quick overview of a hybrid Project Management Office that covers the majority of PMO’s between reporting and managerial.

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Pro-active PMO

Description of a managerial / pro-active PMO

An overview of a pro-active or managerial Project Management Office (PMO) – including the typical services they provide.

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Reporting PMO

Description of an administrative / reporting PMO

Simple explanation of the services provided by an administrative PMO (also known as a reporting PMO). The starting point for most project management offices.

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Project roles and responsibilities

PMO manager role and responsibilities

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Project Management Office (PMO) manager in this easy to follow guide.

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PMO tracking project progress

PMO project monitoring and project tracking

Project monitoring and project tracking is a very important aspect of the responsibilities of a PMO.  In fact, regardless if a PMO is in place or not, project tracking must be done. Why you need project tracking and project reporting The reason for this is in order to ensure that a project is making progress…

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Project document storage

PMO tools – project document storage

Project documents are valuable. Make sure you define a robust process for them to be stored securely where they can easily be found

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Project Procurement

PMO tools – project procurement

Details of the practical aspects of project procurement when mobilising project or Project Management Office (PMO).

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Project communication

PMO tools – project communication

Project communication is important and must not be overlooked during mobilisation. Learn how the PMO can help the process

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