Mobilization Heatmap

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One of the hardest part of mobilization is to get momentum so that you can get the different projects / workstreams up and running. At this critical phase, the last thing on the sponsors and program managers mind is getting the right tools and governance in place.

This creates a problem for the PMO. It is important to embed robust tools, processes and governance. However, during mobilization, there is so much that needs to be done that everyone wants to focus on mobilization activities and for the formal aspects of PMO management to catch-up.

The big risk is how do you know that you are mobilizing quickly enough, the right items are being delivered, sufficient controls in place and transparency to allow rapid intervention to get a project / workstream back on track?

The Solution:
Mobilization Heatmap

The Mobilization Heatmap is a powerful but simple to use tool that allows a programme, portfolio, workstreams etc to be:

• Be shaped
• Identify accountable sponsors
• Identify key mobilisation deliverables
• Allow for rapid (weekly) reporting
• Quickly provide the status of mobilisation
• Identify areas of concern for targeted intervention
• Provide transparency and visibility of the entire mobilisation
• And much more......

What is in the Mobilization Heatmap?

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    Mobilization Heatmap Tool

The Mobilization Heatmap has been designed so that it can be quickly updated to represent the projects or workstreams that you need to mobilize together with the key data points. Then it is very simple to capture the status of each of the data points to create a powerful visual single page dashboard of the status of the important data points.

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    Heatmap Guide

The practical, easy to follow guide provides you with all the information you need to quickly understand and implement the Mobilization Heatmap.

The guide is split into 2 sections:

Section 1 - Overview

1.1  Problem statement
1.2  Mobilization Heatmap tool
1.3  Benefit

Section 2

2.1  How the Mobilization Heatmap works
2.2  Heatmap fields
2.3  Guide to setting status
2.4  Flexibility

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    Video Tutorials

Quickly learn how to use and implement the Metrics Framework through the dedicated training videos.

If you have a question, you have full email support.

This is a complete toolkit that will allow you to quickly shape and mobilize projects, workstreams, portfolios and much more using a professional tool that is simple to use.

I am enjoying your excellent material and templates, and following to establish the first-ever PMO office in my company. I admit that with your templates and instructions you have saved me tons of hours...



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