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Welcome to PM Majik website, home to tools, resources, tips and insights for Project Managers, Programme Managers, Portfolio Managers, PMO’s and Change Management professionals.

PM Majik was founded by a PMO professional with more than  25 years experience. He learned first hand that running a PMO, project or change programme is hard.  Thankfully, he also discovered techniques deal with the real world challenges that are not often found in textbooks or academic theory.

Does this sound familar?

So if you:

  • are looking to create a PMO, you can learn from those who have done it before (and importantly their mistakes).
  • have a project that is in trouble, learn how to get it back on track
  • need to improve stakeholder engagement, ideas how this can be done
  • are an experienced project or PMO professional who is looking to expand your tools and skills to become even better

Good news – the PM Majik website will have the information that will help

I remember the first time I was asked to set up a PMO. I didn’t know what a PMO really was, or what its objective would be, or how to get started. I quickly felt overwhelmed, but didn’t have the courage to ask someone the basic questions (clueless and quiet is a recipe for trouble).

But you don’t have to go through that.

The PM Majik website and membership program will be your own personal guide where you can safely find the answers to your questions without feeling silly.

All of the thoughts and guidance have been designed to be helpful and straightforward. Focusing on project management for the real world as opposed to ideas based on academic theory.  This means you can quickly learn, avoid mistakes and achieve what you need to much quicker.


Here is to your success.

PM Majik – Founder of PMMAJIK.COM


PM Majik Official Bio

PM Majik is founded by a professionally qualified project manager with over 25 years change experience gained from delivering large change programmes and Project Management Offices (PMO’s) for global organisations.  PMMAJIK.COM is a website dedicated to helping fellow change practitioners by providing practical and pragmatic resources, tools and training.  For further details contact pm@pmmajik.com.

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