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  • Metrics Framework
  • Metric Templates
  • Metrics Framework Manual
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  • Metrics Framework
  • Metric Templates
  • Metrics Framework Manual
  • Metric SteerCo Template
  • Metrics Framework Guide
  • Full Support and Video Guides
  • Metric Framework Manual
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Find out how to save time and effort when defining the correct metrics to track using the Metrics Framework!

It is an unfortunate reality that to make people pay attention to doing something you need to monitor progress. The same is true when it comes to projects and PMO's!

The challenge is having tools and processes in place that allows the identification of the right indicators and then implementing a simple process to track.

The Solution:
Metrics Framework

This is a set of tools and guides that allow the definition, baselining, tracking and reporting of project, programme in fact any type of metric. The framework uses a set of core principles that allows metrics to be defined and measured in a consistent way. This is important as there are many types of metric that can be tracked.

Having a solid approach will benefit all stakeholders. Typically the definition of metrics can be very hard. This is usually because not enough thought is given to the outcomes and measures at the start of the project.  Attention tends to be focused on getting the project started where as outcomes are associated with the end of a project.

Building in a robust process to ensure that outcomes and metrics are considered early helps address this problem.  The tools in the framework have been designed to help ensure that these steps are considered in a structured manner without being overly bureaucratic.

The framework has been designed to align to the other frameworks within the PM Majik Members Area. A great help to assist in the seamless implementation.

What is in the Metrics Framework?

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    Set of Metric Templates

Complete set of Metric templates. Each template comes with comprehensive field by field instructions ensuring that you and, most importantly the project managers, will know how to complete the template correctly. This helps to ensure that the templates capture the information required and, saves time, as they can be rolled out very quickly to the project teams.

• Metric Definition
• Business Case
• Metric Baseline
• Metric Tracking
• Metric Reporting
• Metric SteerCo
• Change Control

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    Metrics Framework Manual

The Metrics Framework Manual is designed to provide a good understanding of the concepts of metrics and the specific tools used to track metrics.

It is split into 2 clear distinct sections:

Section 1 - Overview

1.1 What are benefits / outcomes
1.2 Why they are important
1.3 Types of benefit / outcome
1.4 Types of measure

Section 2

2.1 Defining benefits / outcomes
2.2 Metric definition
2.3 Use of the business case
2.4 Benefit baseline
2.5 Benefit reporting
2.6 Benefit realisation
2.7 Change control

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    Metric SteerCo Template

When you have defined, captured and consolidated the key metrics, it is important that you can report the information simply and effectively.

The Metrics Framework includes a Metrics SteerCo Template that uses the same format as the PMO Template Framework. This means that you can seamlessly include the Metrics update into the overall report.

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    Metrics Framework Guide

The Metric Framework Guide has been designed to quickly explain the components of the Metric Framework. This means that the tools can be quickly implemented to define and track key metrics for your project, programme or PMO.

For each template within the framework it provides the Purpose, Approach and a screen shot to explain the step. This compliments the video training for each template.

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    Full Support and Video Guides

Quickly learn how to use and implement the Metrics Framework through the dedicated training videos.

If you have a question, you have full email support.

This is a complete toolkit that will allow you to quickly establish a Metrics Framework to identify and track the key metrics for your project, programme or PMO.

I am enjoying your excellent material and templates, and following to establish the first-ever PMO office in my company. I admit that with your templates and instructions you have saved me tons of hours...



The PMO Metrics Framework provides you with the tools and training to design and implement your own Project KPI's and Metrics with confidence.

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