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What is the Agile Template Framework?

Complete framework that allows you to quickly understand and implement an Agile approach for your projects!

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What The Agile Template Framework Includes?

The Agile Template Framework contains 12 modules that provide training on Agile and the use of the different templates that form the framework.



Provides you with an overview of Agile and the Agile Template Framework.  This sets a useful context on how all of the steps fit together to achieve the required outcome.

Includes an easy to follow guide and video tutorial.

Provides you with an overview of Agile and the Agile Template Framework.  This sets a useful context on how all of the steps fit together to achieve the required outcome.

Includes an easy to follow guide and video tutorial.


Agile Roles & Responsibilities

This module provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities required for Agile delivery:

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Stakeholders
  • Team Members
  • Agile Mentor
  • Project Sponsor


Product Vision

This provides an overview of the Product Vision step and how and who should create the Product Vision.

It also includes a template with clear instructions and tutorial to create your own Product Vision.


Product Roadmap

The Product Roadmap provides an overall view of the Products requirement. This is important as it helps the many stakeholders to better understand what is being delivered.

This module contains a guide, tutorial and a number of different templates that can be used to create a Product Roadmap.



The overall Planning step is deciding what functionality needs to be delivered to achieve the Product Vision.

The project team should create User Stories for all of the features on the Product Roadmap that supports the Product Vision.

This module contains a guide, tutorial and template to create the different User Stories.


Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is the single source of all of the agreed requirements that are required to deliver a Product.

This module provides a guide, tutorial and template to create and manage a Product Backlog together with useful charts to track progress.


Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning is the process of agreeing a goal for the Sprint and then agreeing what User Stories need to be completed to meet the goal.

This module covers the process including how to estimate the size of User Stories together with how to use the Sprint Backlog template.


Sprint Review

The Sprint Review takes place at the end of the Sprint and is used to demonstrate the functionality that has been delivered.

This module contains a guide and tutorial on how to set-up and run a Sprint Review meeting.


Sprint Retrospective

The Sprint Retrospective is an important step at the end of each Sprint to understand:

  1. What went well
  2. What did not go well
  3. What should be changed and how

This allows future Sprints to benefit from the learnings.

This module contains a guide, tutorial and template for this step.


Agile Routines

There are a number of routines and ceromonies used to execute a project using an Agile approach.

This module explains the ceromonies and shows you when to schedule them as part of your project.


Sprint Velocity

Sprint Velocity is an important indicator to understand how the Sprint team is performing and, to be able to predict how many Sprints will be required to complete the User Stories.

This module contains a guide and template for tracking and capturing Sprint Velocity.


Tracking Progress

Like with any project it is important to track progress.

The Tracking module covers the principles of tracking progress of Agile projects and how you can re-use the output from the core Agile steps.

Agile Template Framework Features

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User Story / Product Backlog Template Demo

The Planning / Product Backlog template provides a single template that:

  • Captures each User Story
  • Dynamically creates the Product Backlog
  • Generates charts

A simple tool to manage your Agile project

About Product Creator

PM Majik has over 25 years experiencing delivering change and setting up Project Management Office's for large global organisations.

He shares his knowledge through the PMMAJIK.COM including powerful yet simple to use frameworks.  He understands that people and organisations need practical results as opposed to academic results.

The Agile Template Framework is the latest resource to be released in the Member's area and is designed to compliment the other resources.

Like all of the other Frameworks, it comes with everything that is needed to quickly implement an Agile approach for your projects.  While the templates are designed to be easy to use, there are supporting guides and videos to help with each step.

The Framework is yet another example of PM Majik's commitment to continue to deliver value to all Member's.

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What is the Agile Template Framework?

It is a premium resource created by PM Majik to allow the rapid implementation of an Agile approach to your project delivery.

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