Business continuity planning for a project

Remote Project Management: Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Remote Project Management – Guide to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) when working with a remote project team.

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Options for outsourcing a PMO

How to Outsource a PMO: Your Options and Which Will Suit Your Business

A guide on how to outsource your Project Management Office (PMO) in a way that best suits your organisation.

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Value of PMO

What’s the value of a Project Management Office (PMO)?

A simple and easy to follow guide on the Value of a Project Management Office (PMO).

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PMO managing resources

What to look for in a good resource manager for your PMO

A guide to what to look for in a good resource manager for your PMO. Very important to giving your projects the best chance of success.

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Principles PMO Capacity Management

The Principles of PMO Resource Capacity Management

A guide to the principles of Project and Change capacity management, including key considerations for implementing a robust process.

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Deciding what PMO to choose for a start-up

Choosing the right PMO for a start-up

It is important to choose the right approach: A guide to choosing the right Project Management Office (PMO) for a start-up.

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Deciding where to position a PMO in a start-up

Where to position a PMO in a start-up

This guide covers the topic of where to position a Project Management Office (PMO) in a start-up.

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Remote project management team

Remote project management: Guide to working from home

Guide to Remote Project Management: A simple guide to managing a project while you and the team are Working From Home (WFH).

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Project Stakeholder Relationships

Stakeholder Relationships – Building Engagement With the C-suite

For a project to be a success you need supportive stakeholders. Discover how to build engagement with the C-suite.

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Directive PMO

Is a Directive PMO Right for Your Organisation?

Easy to follow guide on Directive Project Management Offices (PMO) and deciding if they are right for your organisation.

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