Below is a list of useful, productive and effective project and PMO resources.

PMO Books

The PMO Manual

Ultimate play book for setting up a PMOThis 220 page manual provides you with your own “secret play book” for quickly setting up a PMO.  The manual splits each step into a chapter that provides Definition, Purpose, Approach, Tools, Ownership, Key Points and step by step Action Plan.  So all you need to do is read each chapter and follow the plan.

This resource provides easy to understand, actionable training so that you can quickly benefit from the many years of experience gained by others.

Visit PMO Manual for details.

PMO Podcasts

PM Podcast

The PM Podcast is a very good podcast that shares information on project management and related articles.  It often has interviews with different people involved in project management that is a great source of fresh ideas.

Cornelius Fichtner, founder of the PM Podcast has created many useful resources to help those either studying for their PMP exam, such as the PMP Exam Formula Study Guide or for those who have passed and are looking for a hassle free way to earn PDU’s, the PDU Podcast.

Project Management Industry Bodies

Project Management Institute (PMI)

The PMI website has a number of useful resources, especially under the Knowledge Center.

The main focus of PMI is for project managers to join the professional body and attain a formal project management qualification, such as PMP.  I would like to add that over recent years I have seen an increased drive of employers looking for a formal qualification when employing a project manager.

If you think about this it makes sense.  You would not employ an architect to design your house without a formal qualification.  Why do so many organisations pass the running of multi million projects to people without a formal qualification?  Just does not make sense.

Take a look at the website and if you find it of interest consider joining.

Prince 2

While not technically an industry body, along with PMP, Prince 2 is the other recognised standard for project management.

The Prince 2 website provides a wealth of information on the Prince 2 methodology together with useful links to other related websites.

You can find the website at

Project and PMO Templates

PMO Template Framework

PMO Template Framework ProductThis resource provides you with a complete “PMO in a box” solution.

It provides you with all of the core templates you need to implement the tools and processes for managing a project.  However, unlike other template bundles, this framework includes the templates to consolidate multiple project submissions and then create a senior management report.

The framework includes templates, instructions, guides, video tutorials and a PMO Handbook that you can quickly customize for your organisation.  These resources, together with full support, means you can quickly implement a PMO.

Visit PMO Template Framework for more information.

Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance Framework resourceThis resource provides you with all of the tools and templates you need to implement a project / programme quality assurance process.

The framework includes 120 predefined assurance questions covering the different dimensions of a project so that you can use with minimal changes.

The framework includes templates, instructions, guides, and video tutorials.  These resources, together with full support, means you can quickly implement a quality assurance process.

Visit Quality Assurance Framework for more information.

Metrics Framework

Metrics Framework resourceThis resource provides you with a framework to define, monitor and report on important metrics to measure project progress and success.

The framework includes templates, instructions, guides, and video tutorials.  These resources, together with full support, means you can quickly define and implement project metrics.

Visit Metrics Framework for more information.


Planning Workshop Framework

Planning Workshop FRameworkThis resource provides you with a simple process that will allow you to design and run a workshop that will result in a project plan.

The framework includes templates, instructions, guides, and video tutorials.  These resources, together with full support, means you will feel confident in running a structured workshop with the outcome being a project plan.

Visit Planning Workshop Framework for more information.

Mobilization Framework

Programme Mobilization FrameworkThis resource provides you with a simple process that will allow you to quickly shape and mobilize projects, programmes, workstreams, etc.

This simple tool provides all the key data elements presented in a simple to understand format to track progress, identify problems, etc.

The framework includes templates, instructions, guides, and video tutorials.

Visit Mobilization Framework for more information.

Project Management and Business Templates

pmo templates box caseThis offers incredible value for money.  over 7000 project and business templates for every stage of the project lifecycle for only $49.99.

This is great for anyone who is either just starting or already has some project templates.

Suits any industry and can be scaled for small to large projects.

This is a great resource for new or experienced project managers.  Just think of the benefit of the time you will save even if you use only 1 template.  Best of all you will have the confidence that you have your own kit bag of over 7,000 professional templates meaning you are ready for any situation!

Visit PM Milestone for more details.


Liquid Planner

LiquidPlanner is a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Key features include task management, probabilistic scheduling,  professional time tracking, resource balancing, personalized dashboards, and integrated commenting and project documentation.

LiquidPlanner gives teams never-before-seen insight into the relative probability of completing tasks, projects, and portfolios     by given dates. Using ranged estimates and a groundbreaking scheduling engine, LiquidPlanner provides drastically better     forecasting and analysis capabilities. A central project environment and collaborative/social features complete the package.

There are many project management applications on the market, but none that offer the scheduling innovations LiquidPlanner does.     LiquidPlanner is ideal for teams who want the scheduling capabilities of sophisticated project software but need a simple,  easy-to-use tool that everyone can access.
LiquidPlanner is designed to generate ROI at every level of a project team, from front-line worker to executive. Its per-user pricing model delivers pay-for-what-you-use value.     For more details visit the Liquid Planner website.

Mind Map Software

Mind Maps are a great way of organising ideas and thoughts.  Mind Meister is a great tool to create heatmaps.  It is available as an app which means you can use the software while on the move to capture thoughts, ideas, etc.

Best of all the software does have a free version that allows you to save 3 mindmaps.  Paid versions allow alot more and sharing.



If you work between multiple devices (PC, iPhone, iPad, etc), you will know it is a pain having to make sure you have the most up to date file, document, picture, etc on the device you are using.

Installing Dropbox on all devices will enable any file in the Dropbox folder to sync between all devices.  A great time saver.

The application is free with 2gb of storage.  Visit the Dropbox website for more details.


Do you write lots of notes on pieces of paper and then lose them.  Evernote can be installed on computers and mobile devices and allows you quickly to make notes that are then stored and synced.

I find it great for taking notes on the move with the iPhone.  Again free.  Visit the Evernote website for more details.