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11 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to guide your PMO set-up

Learn the steps that will help guide you!

Module 1

Introduction & PMO Definition

Module 2

PMO Objectives

Module 3

PMO Overview

Module 4

PMO Objectives & Drivers

Module 5

PMO Sponsorship

Module 6

PMO Tools & Processes

Module 7

PMO Organisation

Module 8

PMO Communication

Module 9

PMO Routines

Module 10

PMO Charter

Module 11

PMO IMprovement & Summary

About Your Teacher

Pm Majik

A PMO professional with more than  25 years experience. He learned first hand that setting-up and running a PMO, project or change programme is hard.  Thankfully, he also discovered techniques deal with the real world challenges that are not often found in textbooks or academic theory.

This "bite-sized" course is designed to share some of this knowledge to help others in their journey to design and set-up a PMO.

PMO Set-up Mini Course

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Your Questions Answered

Is the PMO Set-up Mini Course really FREE?

Yes.  it is currently completely FREE to anyone who has taken action and requested details of my FREE guide, 7 Steps to set-up a PMO.  A saving of $37.

How do I get access?

All you have to do is complete the checkout page (you will not be charged anything), and you will then be able to access the course.

How long before I can start learning?

Once you have registred and completed the checkout, you will have instant access to the course - so you can start learning today.

How do I view the course?

All of the course content is available within the exclussive PM Majik Member's Area.  So as long as you have Internet connection, you can login and view the course.

Can I track progress?

Yes.  The course tracks your progress and when you have completed a module, you can mark it as complete.  This will then allow you to see your progress through the course.

Can I use the course more than once?

Yes.  You can login at any time and watch any of the lessons.

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