PMO Best Practices: Have Relevant KPIs

A project management office (PMO) is only as good as the results it delivers. Having relevant KPIs is a PMO best practice that will help you demonstrate the value of your office. A primary function of most PMOs will be to monitor the KPIs of projects, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery. It’s also important that…

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PMO Standards

PMO Best Practices: Standardisation of Practices

One of the reasons a project management office (PMO) is created within a business is to get a handle on governance. A PMO is there to make sure projects are all run well, and an important PMO best practice is the standardisation of project practices. Whether your office is being set up to bring a…

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Building PMO Relationships

PMO Best Practices: Build Great Relationships

Your project management office (PMO) will collaborate with many people and businesses. Building great relationships is a vital PMO best practice and the bedrock of successfully delivering projects. Your office cannot operate in a silo. A PMO needs to work across the business and outside of it to make sure everyone who should be involved…

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PMO Best Practices: Plan for Scope and Risk Management

Project Management Office (PMO) best practices: How to plan for scope and risk management.

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7 best practices effective PMO

7 Best Practices for an Effective Project Management Office (PMO)

A quick guide to 7 best practices that you need to have in place for an effective and productive Project Management Office (PMO).

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ESG in Your PMO: How to Set and Report ESG KPIs for Projects

Your project management office (PMO) is used to monitor data and create reports that measure the success of projects. When your office begins to embed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, you need to look at how to set and report ESG KPIs for projects. More and more, ESG is becoming crucial for a business…

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Embedding ESG in your projects

ESG in Your PMO: 5 Steps to Embed ESG into Your Projects

An easy to follow guide on 5 steps that can be taken to embed ESG into your projects.

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Building ESG into Projects

ESG in Your PMO: 5 Reasons It’s Important to Build into Your Projects

The importance of bringing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into focus within your project management office (PMO) can’t be overstated. ESG is becoming a priority for businesses, and we’ve got five reasons it is important for your projects. ESG can have positive effects on projects, your PMO, and the wider business. You need to…

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ESG in Your PMO: Refocussing on Good Governance in Project Management

ESG in your Project Management Office (PMO): Learn how to refocus on good governance for your projects.

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Building ESG into your projects

ESG in Your PMO: Understanding the Social Impacts of Your Projects

The work of your project management office (PMO) stretches much further than project teams and the clients who commission a project. Projects reach wide and deep into the world, so it’s important to understand the social impact of your projects. Understanding the social impact of a project and working to ensure that impact is positive…

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